Rick Reilly

Rick has been a pastor with the Evangelical Congregational church since July 1, 2012.  Prior to this appointment, Rick had worked with New Life of Shillington as the discipleship pastor. He also has served Lord Jesus Christ Assembly, worked as a Family Based Therapist, and Therapist in an in-patient mental health facility.
I look forward to helping New Life of Shillington become the local expression of Jesus Christ’s body here in Shillington that our Father intends it to be.  To do that, we will be a people of faith that loves God with all of our heart, soul, strength, and mind.  We will be devoted to one another.  Finally, we will share the love of God with any and all in our local area

IMG_2152 Vicky Reilly

The Fellowship committee works with congregations to organize gathering times and to create events that allow for the body to come together to learn and grow in a way that is meaningful and promotes greater appreciation among this church family.  Special events include the community events: The Christocentric Conference, and church dinners and fellowship.  




IMG_2151 Jim Leppien

The function of the resource team is to oversee the management and maintenance of church property and to promote sound fiscal management and biblical stewardship. Resource Team is responsible for the development of policies for use of church property and establish usage fees,  evaluate and recommend adequate insurance coverage for the church, oversee custodial services and personnel for church facilities, schedule maintenance items to insure the reliable functioning of the church facilities, annual inspection of the church properties, receive the annual budget requests from the Ministry Teams, and receive the denominational salary proposal and recommend the Pastor’s salary for the annual budget.

IMG_2150 Janet Reese

The function of the Outreach Team is to focus on the spiritual, economic and physical needs of the community that surrounds the church as well as the needs of those who live in other parts of the world.The team leader is the liaison to the Mifflin Community Food Ministry as well as liaison to Little Lambs Preschool. This team encourages the financial and prayer support of missionaries and mission fields sponsored by the congregation in addition to planning ways to engage the immediate neighbors of the church through friendship evangelism activities.



IMG_2149 Bob Reese

Bob is one of two lay leaders on our New Life’s leadership team, joining Rick Reilly.  Bob serves as chairperson of the leadership team as well as the ministry council.  He is also the congregation’s lay delegate to the National Conference.  Bob is a life-long member of the Evangelical Congregational Church where he has had responsibilities in teaching, music, and leadership.  His background includes speech/language pathology, special education, supervision, public school administration.



Joy Drumheiser

Joy is our Worship Team leader here at New Life of Shillington.  Her team includes the members of the Praise & Worship team, Sunday morning greeters and those who prepare the Lord’s Supper.  Joy is responsible to make sure that the name of the Lord Jesus Christ is magnified whenever our members come together on a formal basis.


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